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Claudius Mbemba

Tech Entrepreneur

My Story:

Well, how does a color talk?

This, seemingly, "harmless" statement in actuality promotes a harmful stereotype that black people are one dimensional. Just "dangerous thugs" throwing the N-word around after each word like it was a suffix.

And that I am out of the norm.

But if you got to know us, you'd realize we are just like you and everyone else. Complex human beings that can't be caricatured into a stereotype intentionally created to make us the "bad guy" by default.

I've always fashioned myself a chameleon. Able to get by in the streets and the boardroom, kinda like Ben Horowitz (pick up The Hard Thing About Hard Things).

So before you utter those words again, stop and ask yourself: "How does a color talk?"

-Claudius Mbemba


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