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YPCommunities is...

a landing pad designed to help young professionals connect to resources they need through virtual and in-person experiences. 

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Our Mission

YPCommunities bridges people to communities and resources by providing inclusive experiences that connect, educate and empower.

Equity Statement

YPCommunities promotes a culture free from bias, discrimination, oppression, and injustice. We are dedicated to removing institutional and system barriers that result in oppression, racism, and discrimination. 

About YPCommunities

YPCommunities, the largest young professional network in the US, bridges the gap between people, resources, and their respective communities.  We do this by applying a simple philosophy to the way we mobilize and engage with members of the community: be inclusive, be intentional, and be responsive.  


YPCommunities is comprised of three divisions, YPOx, ProDev, and YP Impact; each with a data-driven focus on the most relevant needs that connect people, resources and their communities. 


What started as a locally held, independently managed event series, has evolved into a 501(c)3 platform responsible for facilitating personal connection, professional growth and social impact while building and connecting communities across the country.