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Member Spotlight: Melissa Whowell



TITLE: Associate Activation Manager

COMPANY: Essence


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Melissa Whowell is a recent graduate of Seattle Pacific University. Over the past three years she’s owned various social media accounts and learned the ins and outs of digital marketing. These experiences not only provided her with a passion for the field, but ultimately lead her to become an Associate Activation Manager at Essence. Melissa is originally from Chicago, so naturally, she’s a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan. Melissa spends her free time trying new restaurants/ coffee shops, exploring the various neighborhoods of Seattle, and hanging out with friends. She’s also excited excited to be apart of Young Professionals of Seattle and expand her current network!

More about Melissa:

What are your biggest pet peeves at work? My biggest pet peeve at work is when I forget my building badge! If I forget it, I have to text one of my coworkers to let me into the building… so frustrating

What’s the best piece of professional advice you have been given? The only dumb question is the question that is never asked

What’s the most played song on your playlist? Dreams—Fleetwood Mac

What are three things on your bucket list? 1. Go shark diving off the coast of Madagascar. 2. Drink wine on the coast of Positano. 3. Attend Oktoberfest in Germany.

What’s one or two things that people would say you do really well? People would say I’m a quick, adaptable worker.  In addition, I love learning and gaining feedback from my coworkers.  Work culture has always been important to me. My coworkers and I are always chatting!

What do you need the most help with? Being more social! It’s difficult for me to step outside of my social circle outside of work.


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