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Speaker Profile: Shirline Wilson

Executive Director of the Washington State Employers for Racial Equity (WERE)

Featured Speaker: Shirline Wilson - Pay Us What We're Worth | Advocating for Pay Equity - Young Professionals of Seattle



Shirline Wilson serves as the Executive Director of the Washington State Employers

for Racial Equity (WERE). WERE is a coalition formed in 2020 to advance a commitment

to make progress on closing racial equity gaps that have most disproportionately

impacted Black Washingtonians. The coalition’s work occurs over a 10-year period to

specifically increase investments in Black talent, increase investments in Black owned

businesses, invest in communities where their businesses serve people of color.

Shirline has had a long career across the disciplines of accounting, management

consulting, leadership development, systems and process change management.

Throughout her career, it was people and systems transformation work that drew her

interest. Shirline studied organizational development and systems design at Antioch

University and has a master’s degree in education policy from University of Washington

Seattle. She has certifications in project management, process management, and

change methodologies.

Shirline has been successful in partnering with organizations on an equity mission by

providing strategy, discipline, equity focus and the mature thinking needed to drive

change for positive social and economic impact. Mother of three adult children, she

enjoys creating memories with her family through travel, the outdoors, crafting,

gardening, and volunteer public service.

WERE is an accountability partner to the Commitment to Progress signatories and leads

the coalition in the development of tools, best practice guides, leadership training, and

networking opportunities in the interest of meeting the Commitments to Progress goals

by 2030.

We measure our progress, listen to what our members are wrestling with and offer

topical tools, discussions, and valuable connections to resources that companies can

use who are working towards equity goals. Learn about the WERE Coalition.




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