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United Way Standing Firmly in Support of Racial Justice and Against Police Violence

Originally published on June 4th, 2020 on the United Way of King County Blog

The homicide of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers is another recent manifestation of the racially unjust legal system that still exists in our country. This latest killing of an African American man by police officers illustrates that we need to redouble our efforts in our fight against racism and bigotry.

United Way of King County stands committed in solidarity and support in the struggle for racial justice in our region and our nation.

In recent days, we have witnessed tactics that have suppressed the rights of people to demonstrate. We condemn in the strongest terms the violence perpetrated against protesters who are exercising their First Amendment rights.  

Far too often, we have seen police, clad in full riot gear, take forceful actions against peaceful demonstrators. Too frequently, police are instigating the violence that leads to escalation and more bloodshed.

Tear gas and flash-bang devices needlessly have harmed young and old people alike. We oppose police brutality and urge the Seattle Police Department to refrain from using these weapons.

Instead of using violence, we call on SPD to see the community with compassion, to listen and initiate a dialogue with the people. Listen. Hear the cries for justice.

While we at United Way alone cannot end the structural and historical racism that has oppressed African Americans and other people of color for centuries. Until it is undone, we are committed to addressing the symptoms of that ugly legacy.  

Homelessness, food insecurity, poverty, unequal access to education—these inequities impact people of color disproportionately. Our investments help to alleviate some of those wrongs.

We urge our supporters and readers to get involved in this fight for racial justice. We encourage all of you to learn what you can do to better understand what has led us to this point, and what you can do about it.

At United Way, we’re intentional about identifying inequities and designing our work to address them. We’re committed to building an equitable, resilient and just society—and ask you’ll join us in doing that difficult and necessary work.time.


Originally published on June 4th, 2020 on the United Way of King County Blog


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