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Beyond Words | SparkToro

An August 14th, 2020 "Beyond Words" discussion between Ahmad Corner and SparkToro Founder and CEO, Rand Fishkin

On Friday, July 31st, 2020, I interviewed Rand Fishkin, Founder and CEO at SparkToro.

Beyond Words is a discussion series designed to - leveraging public statements on racial injustice made by companies - hold companies accountable and illuminate actionable steps being made to transform bias and diversity in the workplace.

SparkToro and Rand at a Glance

Rand Fishkin is cofounder & CEO of SparkToro. He has dedicated his professional life to helping people do better marketing through his blogging, videos (WhiteBoard Fridays), keynote speaking engagements, and his book, Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World.

With SparkToro, Rand and his cofounder Casey Henry, assist organizations of all kinds to quickly and accurately identify where their audience spends time and pays attention, so marketing efforts can be better targeted and more effective. When Rand’s not working, he’s most likely to be in the company of his partner in marriage and (mostly petty) crime, author Geraldine DeRuiter. If you feed him great pasta or great whiskey, he’ll give you the cheat code to rank #1 on Google.

SparkToro on racial injustice: Condemnations & Commitments

SparkToro online:

Rand online: Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

Transcript excerpts from the conversation coming soon...


Beyond Words is a 1000 Cuts event series, broadcasted in front of a live audience, designed to push company driven commitments around discrimination and injustice beyond words. If your company is interested in supporting our anti-discrimination movement, please shoot us a message and we'll get things moving.


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