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The Best & Worst Cities for Dating: How Did Seattle Rank?

Single and living in, or thinking about moving to, Seattle? Well...

Per a recent study by Apartment List, the Emerald City did rank among the top cities in America for dating. The top 100.

An unexpected metro actually took the top spot. 

Provo, UT ranked first overall in dating satisfaction, with 47.5% single renters reporting satisfaction with the metro’s local dating scene. Richmond, VA and Raleigh, NC round out the top 3. These two metros reported dating satisfaction rates of 44.2% and 42%, respectively.

The three lowest-ranked metros all happened to be in Florida. North Port, Deltona, and Lakeland, FL make up the bottom 3. Of the 86 metros surveyed, these 3 were the only metros to report below 10% in overall dating satisfaction.

Although dating satisfaction varied across the country, one thing stayed pretty consistent. Men tend to view their dating experiences more positively than women. The study found 31% of men rated themselves satisfied with dating opportunities, compared to just 22% percent of women

But how did the dating scene fare in Seattle?

Seattle ranked #62 out of 86 on the list, with 20.72% of singles reporting overall satisfaction with dating opportunities. It was also one of the rare cases where women rated the city higher than men.

Women reported dating satisfaction rates of 20.74%, compared to just 19.44% for men. 


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