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Seattle's Best: Mac and Cheese

One of my favorite meals is mac and cheese.  Growing up, it was a staple that my mom cooked often.  My three siblings and I lovingly (and incorrectly) called mom’s mac and cheese “Beg Ziti”.  Beg Ziti was coined because it was an appetizing meal that we would “beg” for.  The recipe comprised of, sharp cheddar, sauteed onions, roux (for all of you non-foodies out there, roux is defined as flour and fat cooked together and used to thicken sauces. In our case, roux was just milk and flour) all mixed together and topped off with Panko breadcrumbs and ziti noodles. The dish was made possible by a family recipe my mom acquired long before I was born. 

I have since reproduced “Beg Ziti” for my friends and it is always a hit. 

I can say, with confidence, most of us grew up with or have since tasted many variations of this American/Italian classic.  In my opinion, mac and cheese can still maintain its “classic-ness”, in any form with any recipe. In fact, altering the recipe – adding in your favorite meat, veggies or even fish – often makes it better! 

To honor childhood and modern recipes alike, below are some of my favorite picks for the tastiest mac and cheese dishes in Seattle (veggie and meat lovers have all been considered)…

Local 360 | Belltown

Made from local ingredients (no more than 360 miles away), Local 360’s mac and cheese is rich and creamy with a local flare.

The Sexton | Ballard

Four different kinds of mac and cheese and they are all pretty awesome!

Shelter Lounge | Greenlake

Ok, for this mac and cheese it’s all about the breadcrumbs.  A crunchy topping makes this a pretty tasty dish.

Purple Cafe | Downtown

They serve “Maine lobster mac/cheese”.  Enough said.

Alibi Room | Downtown

Spicy mac and cheese for the spice enthusiast.

Von’s has several variations of mac and cheese but only one of them has smoked salmon… that’s gonna be my recommendation.

(Sharps Roasthouse is a sister restaurant to Vons.  They have six types of mac & cheese.  Done and done.)

Ma'ano | West Seattle

Their “mac n’ kimcheese” is an Asian take on American comfort food.  Yum!.

Beechers | Downtown

Local and delicious mac and cheese!

JuneBaby | Ravenna

Cast iron mac and cheese not only seems fancy but very much needed.

The Woodshop BBQ | Central District

The Woodshop BBQ has 5 different mac and cheese dishes on the menu.  One of them being: “The Text”, which is mac and brisket.  You’re welcome BBQ fanatics!


Did I miss anything? Add your favorites in the comments!


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