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Seattle's Best: Latinx Owned Places to Eat and Drink

In honor of Latinx Heritage Month (Sept. 15 to Oct. 15), we wanted to highlight the In-TEN-tionalist’s top 10 Latin American owned and operated eateries here in the Seattle area.

In honor of Latinx Heritage Month (Sept. 15 to Oct. 15), we wanted to highlight the In-TEN-tionalist’s top 10 Latin American owned and operated eateries here in the Seattle area. These 10 unique businesses range from bakeries to bodegas, tamales to Day of the Dead skull cupcakes, and from Ballard to South Park.

Take a look at the list below and make sure to stop by and show your support next time you’re in their area!

Manu’s Bodega | Pioneer Square

Even on the gloomiest of Seattle days, Manu Alfau’s Dominican bodega is capable of transporting its customers to a cheery, colorful island oasis with a color scheme of vibrant turquoise and yellow. Their famed empanadas—concocted from a special family recipe—are gluten-free and made from yucca. They also offer a variety of rice bowls (beets and chayote, Peruvian pork belly), plates, and delicious sandwiches (we suggest the slow-roasted pork puerco asado). Need to host a company party or order catering? They’ve also got you covered, with an extensive online menu.

Frelard Tamales | Greenlake

Having taken home the trophy at the 2019 Solid Ground Food Taste Off, family owned and operated Frelard Tamales is kind of a big deal. Despite a single menu food option (9 flavorful 100% gluten-free tamales), they’re capable of providing their customers a variety of options to fit their culinary and dietary needs: classic meat, vegan, vegetarian, with a choice of cooked or frozen, depending on whether you’re planning on eating now or later. Try the sweet corn (including masa and butter), salsa roja pork (red Chile sauce, sirloin), and the fajita veggies and black beans.

Carta De Oaxaca | Ballard

To say food is a family business is an understatement when it comes to the three generations of La Carta women who own and operate Carta De Oaxaca, including: Head Chef Gloria Perez, her daughter Susana Dominguez, and granddaughter Karina Lauren Armengol. Everything is handmade here, right down to the tortillas and chile rellenos—featuring a generous stuffing of cheese and deep-fried to perfection.

Salvadorean Bakery | White Center

Founded by two sisters—Aminta and Ana—in 1996, the bakery and restaurant aims to share its El Salvadoran fair with the Seattle peoples; crowd favorites including the pupusas and tres leches cakes. They also offer traditional dishes for festive holidays, like Day of the Dead and Holy Week. The bakery boasts an eye-popping assortment of quirky, season appropriate (as well as scrumptious) baked goods like day of the dead skulls, Halloween cookies, Mexican sweet bread, ghost and witch hat cupcakes, pumpkin cream cheese, and fresna con chocolate.

Cubes Baking Co. | Wallingford

Cubes’ founder began selling cube-shaped cakes—consisting of 4 layers(!!!)—from his Nissan Cube. Origin stories really don’t get better than this one. It also boasts a creative as well as mouthwatering menu consisting of Flan and ChocoFlan creations, horchatas, cupCubes (a delightful take on the classic cupcake; we suggest: Cookies + Cream), Mexican wedding cookies, and other pastry delights.

The Station | Beacon Hill

With a mission statement claiming that it’s “more than just a coffee house and wine bar,” this Beacon Hill hotspot is home to a variety of city dwellers: artists, dreamers, advocates–and of course–coffee lovers. With a vast roster of locally sourced ingredients, The Station offers crowd favorites such as Americanos and lattes, drip coffee, steamers, chai teas, as well as four choices of delicious sandwich options. Stop in for a coffee and try their Tio Reuben (piled with corned beef and smothered in sauerkraut and thousand island dressing). Chef’s kiss!

Resistencia | South Park

Friendly baristas? Local merch? Fresh empanadas? What more could you ask for in your Southpark neighborhood cafe? How about a sleek website aesthetic that defines both their name and mission in one phrase: “a local community standing up against adversity with relentless hope and care for everyone in the neighborhood.”

Sazón Kitchen | Ballard

Located in the heart of Ballard, Sazon Kitchen is run by the same family behind Sazon Tacos. It’s a casual everything kind of diner, serving hungry customers lunch, dinner, drinks, and coffee, all with a Mexican flair of flavor. From the ever-popular brunch crowd favorite, Chilaquiles, to a variety of toasts (think: avocado, mediterranean), to hearty grain casserole, anyone and everyone will find something here to love (and stuff their faces with). 

Golden Wheat Bakery | Central District

This family-operated bakery lends itself as a delightful neighborhood breakfast joint, offering a smorgasbord of delicious items like breakfast burritos, homemade tamales, horchata, and a wide selection of pastries. 


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