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Seattle's Best: Hangover Cures! ...the Best Local Meals to Cure your Hangover

We have compiled a list of restaurants who carry only the premier hangover curable foods – meat, sweet and large portions.

We've all been out and imbibed on some tasty adult beverages.  Some nights are, well… crazier than others. For anyone who might have said the words  “I am just going to take it chill and have one drink”, you know you are in for a real treat.  One drink turns into another, you take some shots, sing karaoke and before you know it, you are falling into your bed around 3am (seriously, start inviting me to these outings!).    

That night is often followed up with one of the suckiest mornings, the dreaded hangover (I am hearing there is such a thing as a “2 day hangover” – but I hope this is a secret club I am NEVER part of).  For most of us in our 20’s and 30’s, it’s a headache, cottonmouth, sleepiness and 400 unanswered text messages from the night before.

Heed our advice; read this list, grab some water (with Emergen-C?) and race over to these restaurants to refuel and regenerate.

Fats Chicken & Waffles | Central District

Price: $

What to get:  Chicken & Waffles

Benefits:  The combination of sweet and savory will magically make your headache disappear. If not, apply more syrup.

Dick's Drive In | Various Locations

Price: $

What to get:  Burger, fries, milkshake

Benefits:  It’s traditional hangover food in the purest sense.

Un Bien | Ballard

Price: $$

What to get:  Pork Steak Sandwich

Benefits:  This sandwich is ‘choc full of benefits

Geraldine's Counter | Columbia City

Price: $$

What to get:  French Toast + Chicken Fried Steak & eggs

Benefits:  The sheer amount and quality of this dish will coat your stomach with protein, sugar and love

The Fat Hen | Phinney Ridge

Price: $$

What to get:  Get one of their 6 different kinds of benedicts and an ‘egg bake’

Benefits:  Consider this a protein shake after your workout

Price: $

What to get:  We are particular to the mushroom Piroshky, but you will love ALL of them

Benefits:  Cheap and travel-friendly (hey, sometimes you need to go back to bed)

Katsu Burger | Various Locations

Price: $$

What to get:  Step one: Choose any burger.  Step two: Feel better

Benefits:  Frying a burger, adds a level of burger sophistication

TAT's Delicatessen | Pioneer Square

Price: $$

What to get:  Tats’trami!

Benefits:  There are enough sandwiches on the menu to feed even the pickiest eater

Holy Cannoli | Belltown

Price: $

What to get:  Espresso Chocolate Cannoli

Benefits: You get your sweet fix (there are sandwiches too!)

Skillet | Various Locations

Price: $$

What to get:  The famous doughnut holes and “The Burger”

Benefits: Two words: Bacon Jam


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