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Seattle's Best: Banh Mi! Who's Got the Best?

I love banh mi sandwiches! It’s not your normal sandwich! It’s filled with veggies, some kind of crazy good sauce, choice of meat, and the bread–nice and crispy. These Vietnamese staples have become iconic throughout the Seattle community and we think we have found some of the best ones! In no particular order are some amazing places for banh mi’s around the area – so you can get your fix no matter what area of town you’re in!

Here’s what makes the best Banh Mi’s, in my opinion, of course:

  1. Crispy, fresh bread

  2. Legit sauce (spicy, mayo, sweet chilli, sweet plum sauce)

  3. Fresh ingredients (veggies galore: cilantro, carrots, pickled radish)

  4. Meat (pork, chicken, tofu)

Saigon Bistro | International District

We love this hidden spot right inside the Uwajimaya food court. Easy, convenient and perfect to take to a baseball game!

Pho Bac | Various Locations

There are four locations for this banh mi place! Hint–it’s always busy at lunch so go a little earlier or later to beat the lunch rush. It’s worth going to!

Yeh Yeh's | Lynnwood

This hideaway in Lynnwood is to die for! If you’re up on 99 and looking for a snack this is the best! Grab a sandwich to eat there and another to go! Trust me you’ll want that extra sandwich later.

Banh Town | Greenwood

A great place to hit up in the Greenwood area. Their street food, pho, and banh mi sandwiches are delicious!

Artisan Cafe | Belltown

This cozy cafe serves you coffee and Vietnamese sandwiches? Yes, you read that right. A place you wouldn’t think twice to grab a banh mi, but boy do they have some good ones!

Pho Vina | Burien

A great spot if you’re down south of Seattle. A delicious bowl of pho or a banh mi will never disappoint!


We’ve tried them and now it’s your turn! Or better yet tell us which banh mi places are your favorite! We re always looking for new places!


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