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A Seattle Experience: a Facial at SkinSpirit

I am obsessive about wearing sunscreen (yes, even in Seattle), washing my face regularly, and using products with more natural ingredients but, I had never gotten a facial... until now. I can officially say my first facial was (spoiler alert) even better than I had expected.

Here’s what happened: 

My facial was at the medical spa, SkinSpirit.  Luckily for Seattleites, 3 weeks ago, SkinSpirit, opened up their brand new location at University Village (there is another location in Bellevue, but I am a West-sider, so U. Village was super convenient).  When I entered, I was greeted by a friendly staff, fresh cucumber water, and a calming ambiance. Once signed in, my certified esthetician, Mimi Maday, took me back to my private room (everyone gets the VIP treatment in a private room).  With slightly perfumed air, a heated bed and relaxing music, this room was the perfect calming oasis. 

Before my impending facial, Mimi asked relevant skin questions (you disclose what you prefer, e.g. allergies, type of skin, any issues, concerns, etc..) that would be helpful for her to provide a customized facial. I gabbed on about my skin, giving Mimi the run down and shortly after, we were off to get my glow on (I mean that’s what it’s called, right?).

Being the true professional that she is, Mimi started the treatments - listed below - checking in periodically on my enjoyment and overall comfort level.  After only a couple of minutes, in part because of the calming treatments and pleasant conversation, my initial “first-timer” anxiety melted away.

For any of you skin nerds out there, craving all of the details, here is the play by play of my facial:

  1. Cleansed (it’s a double cleanse – removes sunscreen, makeup, and general dirt)

  2. Analyzed skin under mag lamp (this allows the esthetician to assess your skin)

  3. Used microdermabrasion machine (this is a fun little ‘sucking’ machine that exfoliates the superficial layer of dead skin)

  4. Applied steam and ‘Skin Zyme’ face mask

  5. Extractions! (not to say I had any, ha!)

  6. Used Finishing products (listed below)

The process took only an hour, but left my skin super soft and full of glow/vibrancy; even days after the treatment (no seriously)!  

For anyone looking to create their own mini facial at home, below are the products Mimi used:


To get your own customized facial, like mine, go here and use code: YPOS_15% for 15% off your first facial at SkinSpirit (expires 11/15/19)! 



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