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Meet Your Business School Match at The MBA Tour

Originally published on June 4th, 2021 on

Interest in earning an MBA is peaking right now. After last year, young professionals all over the world are making plans to upgrade their skills and accelerate their career development by investing in an MBA.

The question is: which business school is your ideal fit? The MBA Tour’s free upcoming virtual events make it easy for you to connect with the world’s leading business schools from the comfort of your home.

Here’s what you’ll gain from attending one of this season’s marquee virtual events in your region:

1. Connect with leading business schools

With so many different programs and universities to choose from, choosing the right business school can be a daunting task – The MBA Tour can help.

At our events, you’ll have the opportunity to network with admissions decision makers from leading business schools around the world, including Wharton, Harvard Business School, Chicago Booth, IESE and many more.

2. Get matched to your best-fit school

Our smart algorithm will match you with schools that best meet your ambitions for Virtual Meetups. These are intimate, 25-minute face-to-face video sessions with a maximum of six other candidates.

During these small group discussions, you’ll have the chance to ask questions directly to school representatives to get a better feel for the program and assess if it’s right for you.

“I loved the Meetups. Having the opportunity to speak with various staff from different universities regarding their specific programs provided me better insight into the next steps I need to take to reach my goals.” – The MBA Tour Eastern Canada Attendee

3. Hear directly from schools about the unique value of their MBA programs

During schools’ MBA Talks, you’ll have the opportunity to explore unique features and program options available at different schools. MBA Talks happen in a number of different formats, including interactive fireside chats, panels, mock classes, and presentations hosted by university admissions reps, alumni, faculty, and current students.

Not only will you get a holistic overview of the b-school’s offerings, you’ll also hear more about their take on topics like entrepreneurship, leadership, technology, careers, and more.

Bonus: Get your top questions answered during the Q+A live chat!

4. Improve your application with our Soft Skills Workshops

New this year to The MBA Tour are our Soft Skills Workshops: one-on-one sessions for you to hear firsthand how to improve your application and stand out amongst the pool of other qualified applicants.

You will have the chance to schedule 10-minute one-on-one sessions:

  • Resume Review: For each event this season, attendees will be able meet with admissions experts from business schools to craft the perfect resume.

  • Mock Interview Clinic: At select events, we’ll offer the opportunity for attendees to practice their interview technique and receive direct feedback from admission decision makers.

5. Get exclusive GMAT tips from the exam creators

Each event has a GMAT exam presentation led by a representative of the Graduate Management Admission Council™ (GMAC™), the makers of the test. Earning your best score on the GMAT exam can help you stand out in this year’s competitive pool, as well as make you eligible for MBA scholarships.

During these presentations, attendees will receive an overview of how to best prepare for the GMAT exam and will be able to get all their questions answered. In addition, all event attendees will be eligible to win a US$250 GMAT exam voucher!

6. Open networking

Do you want to compare notes with other prospective applicants, or have unstructured interactions with current students, alumni, and admissions professionals? We’ve got you covered there, too!

Stop by the virtual Exhibition Hall, where you can navigate the booths of top business schools, gather information on programs and interact in real-time with admissions representatives.

In the Networking Lounge, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with current students and alumni, as well as your fellow applicants.

7. Gain advice from experts

Take the stress out of your business school application by learning from the experts! You will have the opportunity to connect directly with test prep organizations, admissions consultants, young professional networks, financial institutions and others to help you better navigate your business school journey.


Space is limited for these sessions and they fill up quickly, so register now (for free).


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