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Meet Your Business School Match at The MBA Tour

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During uncertain times, an MBA may be your safest bet for long-term career success. Get exclusive access to business schools and hear first-hand why now is the right time for an MBA. Here is what you’ll gain by attending The MBA Tour’s free virtual event in a city near you:

1. Meet the world’s leading business schools, all in one place.

You’ll have the opportunity to network with admissions decision makers from leading business schools from around the world including Wharton, Columbia, Chicago Booth, IESE and many more. 

2. Be matched with your right-fit school.

Our smart algorithm will match you with schools which best meet your ambitions for MeetUps, which are 25-minute, face-to-face video sessions, where you can ask questions to get a better feel for the program and if it’s right for you.

3. Learn the value of various MBA programs.

Not only will you get a holistic overview of the b-school’s offerings, you will also hear more about their take on topics like entrepreneurship, leadership, technology, careers, and more. And, get your top questions answered during the Q+A live chat.

4. Hear about the impact of Covid-19.

In light of the current COVID-19 global pandemic, the event provides the ideal opportunity to learn first-hand about the impact Covid-19 has had on student life and applying to B-School. Hear directly from schools and current students on this important topic. 

5. Get exclusive GMAT tips from the exam creators.

You will automatically receive an exclusive B-School Success Bundle, just by attending the event!

6. Gain advice from industry specialists.

Take the stress out of your business school application by learning from the specialists! During 25-minute interactive webinar style sessions, you will hear from test prep organizations, admissions consultants, young professional networks, financial institutions and others to help you better navigate your business school journey.

Register now to save your spot in the city closest to you! 

This article on What Is The Value Of An MBA In A Crisis, was originally published on mba.comGet exclusive access to business schools and hear first-hand why now is the right time for an MBA. Join The MBA Tour virtually in Seattle on July 7th!


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