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Kickboxing for Beginners

Motivation. Power. Fun

Part of my 2019 goal  was to try a new activity, so I thought: why not kick-boxing!?  I’ve always wanted to try a kickboxing class, but have always been afraid to get my feet wet (didn’t want to break my foot or hurt myself). Well luckily, my gym was offering free trial classes so I thought why not at least test the waters.

Omni Fight Club is located inside a few LA Fitness gyms – not every location has one, but five here in the PNW do.  My friend and I did the free trial; Kickbox and Endurance classes. We loved it so much we ended up becoming members!  Since then, it’s been so much fun getting to know others in the class – there’s a real kickbox community.

Classes switch between Kickboxing (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays) and Mixfit (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays). The Mixfit classes are still a form of kickboxing, but more strength/endurance work. You can go to any of the gyms with your membership, which is nice, and take any classes available. Each class is different – changing the combos and stations each day.  The trainers also vary depending on location,  each of which have their own personality and style, making classes fun. 

Tips to kickboxing for beginners like me:

  1. It’s okay to know nothing.  I came in knowing nothing.  Couldn’t even put the wraps on my hands correctly.

  2. Go your own pace to learn the combos. 

  3. If you can, partner up with someone who seems like they know what they’re doing.  You can learn a lot by watching someone else do the combos.

  4. These classes will kick you a$$, but you feel refreshed afterwards.

  5. You’ll have bruises on your legs and arms.  They go away. 

  6. Have fun with it.  Take some aggression out, laugh and keep a can-do attitude.

  7. Drink plenty of water.  You’ll sweat a lot,

  8. Wrap your hands.  Buy the wraps and gloves if you can.

  9. Push yourself.

A sample kickbox class agenda:

5:20pm:  Arrive at class and check in.  Start putting your wraps on your hands.

5:30pm:  You’ll start with a quick demo of each station (there are 8 stations, sometimes 9). The demos give you an idea of the combos you’ll need to learn; you can read the cards at the stations.

5:40pm:  The warm up begins (a nice and easy warm up for about 5-8 minutes, getting your body ready for what’s to come).

5:50pm:  Your trainer will put you into stations and you’re ready to begin. You’ll get paired up in groups of 4.

5:50pm:  Each station is 4 minutes long, with a 1 minute rest before you start back up at the next station.

6:30pm:  End of class. Take off wraps, drink a lot of water and take a group photo.

**Stations include: punching bags (power kicks, switch kicks, knees, punch combos), fake dummies (ground and pound, punches and kicks), jump ropes, mitts inside the ring, power machines (ski jumpers, squats, bicep pulls and curls), medicine balls, etc.

I’ve never enjoyed a high-intensity interval training class, but this workout was amazing.  I felt so refreshed (and exhausted) afterwards.  

If you go to the same gym enough, you’ll start taking classes with the same people and get to know them – builds a better gym community. 

Shout-out to my amazing coaches Lebron, Lexus, and Anthony!  I feel more energized, healthier and happier after taking these classes.  If you’re feeling like being challenged and need a little boost of energy, kickboxing could be for you. Give it a try!



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