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Community: All in One Box

We are a community organization. We provide resources, events, and support to our community, it’s the bloodline for what we do and why we do EVERYTHING. 

After we learned about Covid-19 and the impact it was having on our community, we knew we needed to kick our support into hyperdrive.  In the past several weeks we have talked about great companies, provided a resource guide, and created even more (virtual) events

But, we knew we could do more.

We put our heads together and created one of our most creative collaborations yet, a box containing a week’s worth of immune-boosting kick a$$’ery from local companies, delivered straight to your house (or picked up at a local company).  We’re calling it the “Power Pack Box”.

The “Power” represents the immune-boosting products because your immune system is important! It protects us from infection and keep us healthy. But you already knew that; heck we learned that in 2nd-grade science class. What we might not have learned in science class is there are powerful ingredients that help our immune system run in tip-top shape.

Our Power Pack providers, Bucha BellyRue SanteFriday TeasSeattle Gummies, have those handy ingredients probiotics, key vitamins, antioxidants (and more) included in their products and now the Power Pack Box (yay, for us!).  You simply consume the products and take in all of the benefits!

Ok, so now that you know all about how the box can help you… #StaytheFhome, stay safe and support the community!



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