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Candidate Testimonial: The MBA Tour Opens Doors and Builds Confidence

Gayle DaCosta, an MBA applicant and The MBA Tour United States attendee, shared her experience with at our event and how an MBA will shape her career.

Gayle DaCosta’s interest in earning an MBA was driven by too many instances of feeling powerless in the workplace. The political and social unrest in the US became the deciding factor. It was time to make a change.

Because Gayle wants to work in international development in the Caribbean or Africa, she began exploring schools in the US and overseas that had strong programs and would provide the best value.

The MBA Tour opened up the possibilities. “My favorite part about attending was getting to connect with schools that weren’t on my radar,” she noted.

Just as importantly, she was able to ask recruiters questions about their programs – would they propel her to toward her dream career? – and their approach to job placement and diversity hiring – what kind of support would she receive during the hiring process?

These conversations changed her application approach.

“Attending The MBA Tour definitely helped with my confidence,” Gayle said. “After attending, I knew what I wanted to do (and what I didn’t want to do).”

“I definitely would recommend the MBA Tour to anyone who’s interested in getting their MBA, and I’m telling everyone to get their MBA because regardless of what field you’re in, you should always be in charge of it.”

Interested in The MBA Tour? Click here to find an upcoming event in your region!


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