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A Virtual Friends Trip in a Socially Distant World

Remember that amazing trip you took with your best friends?


Experiences are the foundation of strong relationships. The “amazing” part of that trip was likely a product of unforgettable experiences that created a deeper sense of trust, a greater sense of appreciation, and a new level of commitment. Friends bring out the best in us. In this era of social distancing, how do we create an experience that captures the essence of those cherished moments?


Ikigai is a Japanese phrase that can be interpreted as your reason for being. It has been cited as a factor in longevity, creativity, productivity, and happiness. Although Western interpretations often associate Ikigai with a job or making money, the true definition is personal, subjective, and not connected to "what you can get paid to do"; For many, their “reason for being” isn’t linked to a 9-to-5 job and that’s not a bad thing. Purpose shapes our perspective, fuels our energy, and provides a path of intention.

The intersection between ikigai and friendship is the Japanese concept of "moai"; A moai is a social support group in Okinawa that begins in childhood and lasts throughout life’s journey. In Okinawa, there are centenarians that have been together in their moai for over 100 years! It's no surprise that Okinawa is identified as a "Blue Zone"; one of five areas in the world where people live the longest, including the top spot in longevity for women.

Personal well-being is connected to the strength of our relationships; In our socially distant world, that's never been more evident. We've learned that investing in friendships also means investing in ourselves.

When friends come together to invest time and energy into improving well-being… magic can happen: That's the spirit behind Ikigai Buddies.


The four-week program delivers expertise from the fields of emotional intelligence, nutrition,

mind/body, and strengths-based psychology. You'll capture new insights, set simple goals, and engage in eight facilitated sessions with your closest friends for support, accountability, and laughter. The program runs Election Day (November 3rd) to Thanksgiving Day (November 26th) with a unique opportunity to express your gratitude and appreciation to your best friends on Thanksgiving Day.


Although life is rapidly changing, strong friendships are a constant. Your next amazing friend trip is waiting for you at


This program is being donated for FREE. Please use this registration link to read more and sign up.


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