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A Very Dapper, Goodwill Styling Session

Avi Soor and Antonio Smith, from Seattle Gents show two contest winners how to style on a Goodwill budget

In June, we hosted a special Whiskey Wednesday event to promote this summer’s 5th annual Dapper as **** event partnered with YPOSeattle. At Whiskey Wednesday, we selected two contestants to win a free styling session at Goodwill by the Seattle Gents influencers.

Dapper As *** contest winners: Gloria Cropper (left, along side Antonio Smith) and Parker Phend (right).

Parker Phend is a program manager who is very active with business and entrepreneurship. Gloria Cropper has her own business where she takes people’s dogs on adventures and offers training sessions and overnight boarding. They both love fashion and enjoy getting style inspiration from local experts. Check out below the outfits they chose!

Most people wouldn’t think of thrifting shopping at Goodwill. It’s a hidden secret that you can find some beautiful and great-quality pieces for cheap prices. Do you ever struggle with what to wear at a date with that special someone, networking event with other professionals, or happy hour with friends? Well, to prepare for the Dapper as **** party, we are hosting a panel of local personal stylists to talk about the do’s and don’ts of fashion in Seattle!

Parker (right) and Gloria (left) styled and ready for Dapper as ***

If you purchase a ticket to our style panel, you’ll receive a discount to Dapper as **** on August 17th. Hope to see you there!


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