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A Seattle Experience: Parasailing with Parasail Seattle

I'm all about trying new stuff and publishing the experiences to help show off the wonderful things that Seattle has to offer! Through YP Media, I've been able to participate in a distillery tour, Tom Douglas cooking class, hypnotherapy and many other awesome, ‘think-outside-the-box’ activities.  

With summer in full force, we wanted to make sure we enjoyed the outdoors and beautiful weather, in a very unique way.  This activity was all about being high in the sky… we went parasailing!

If you've read my previous articles, you know I am not one for heights (read all about last year’s Seaplane tour). But, being afraid has never stopped me from participating in an activity, so I was off to experience what it’s like to fly like a bird and soar with the greatest of ease… ok, not ‘ease’, but you get the drift.  

Lizzie Braicks-Rinker (a local badass blogger) and I were lucky enough to get the royal treatment, we had a private parasailing adventure on a boat that can usually hold 15 people (can you say team building activity?).

A Seattle Experience_ Parasailing with Parasail Seattle - Lizzie Braicks-Rinker and Jamie Shindler - YP Media
LIzzie (left) and I (right) trying to look calm before being launched into the air.

The concept of parasailing is pretty simple:  You are helped into a safety harness and life jacket, and once you are ready you're attached to a pulley system slowly lifting you up into the air. Your parachute opens (look for the very iconic happy smiley face in the sky) and before you know it, you're high in the sky.

A Seattle Experience_ Parasailing with Parasail Seattle - YP Media
The 'iconic' smiley face in the sky

Admittedly, Lizzie and I were pretty excited but also a bit nervous.  The experienced crew was able to put our minds at ease, taking us on a quick boat ride before we got up in the air.

Once we were up in the air we realized just how peaceful this ride was! The sounds of the city and boat engines seemed to fade away, enabling us to enjoy a light breeze and beautiful scenery.  For anyone who might still need another reason to parasail, the pictures come out pretty perfect; easily making you the envy of all of your social media followers!

A Seattle Experience_ Parasailing with Parasail Seattle - YP Media
Lizzie (left) and I as the nerves began to settle.

Overall, you are going to want to experience this before the crew makes their way back to their home base, Hawaii, in September.  


All YP Media subscribers get $10 off per flyer, use code: “YPOS2018”.  Enjoy! 


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