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A Seattle Experience: Kombucha Challenge with Bucha Belly

Have you tried the ‘Seattle Kombucha Challenge’ yet?

A Seattle Experience_ Kombucha Challenge with Bucha Belly - Title Image - YP Media

Kombucha dates back to 221 BC, China, and there is still no better (or more delicious) natural cure-all beverage to enhance your body’s functions. Kombucha is being used all across the world to help people lose weight, alleviate depression and anxiety, balance their digestive system pH, and more! Kombucha can do all of these amazing things because it is packed with antioxidants, digestive enzymes, vitamins, and loads of probiotics. For anyone who isn’t familiar with probiotics, they are helpful bacteria (mentioned in a previous article), a jack-of-all-trades, assisting your body in digestion, sleep, mental clarity, etc..  These little helpers are most commonly found in yogurt, kefir, kimchi, miso and for the importance of this article Kombucha!  

Recently, I learned that the fresher the Kombucha, the more active probiotics and nutrients. Consequently, the more active probiotics and nutrients, the better they work for your body. We are all about easily implemented health hacks, so as you can imagine, we had to get our hands on fresh Kombucha.

Lucky for the Seattle region, Bucha-Belly makes the freshest Kombucha, conveniently delivered to your house within days of your order (not months later, from a store shelf).

This newly minted company, reached out and offered a chance for us to take the ‘Bucha Challenge’: consuming 16oz of fresh kombucha daily for seven consecutive days and recording the results.  

Here’s what happened...

We hand selected four health guinea pigs, all diverse in their health knowledge and experience. YPOSeattle Community Members,  Ben Murphy, Jessica Biber, Jones Painumkal and I all received our ‘bucha on the same day and started the consuming this tasty beverage immediately.  As you can see from the below results, we quickly started seeing the benefits; our sleep, digestion and mood were all improved. With 5 being stellar, and 3 being average, the results over the 7 days are as follows.

A Seattle Experience_ Kombucha Challenge with Bucha Belly - 7 Day Challenge Chart - YP Media

For anyone who might still have some apprehensions, not a single participant saw a negative effect in any category. Some participants noted the ‘bucha was best taken in the morning or early afternoon - the extra energy boost that kombucha naturally provides, can keep you up at night.

A couple of post-challenge comments:

“Prior to the challenge, I wasn’t sure what I would think of it. I hadn’t even had kombucha before, and with many healthy drinks that I’ve had in the past, the downside was that there was often a bad taste to them, and they didn’t seem to have much of an impact. However, once I opened the first bottle and tasted it, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it actually tasted.”

“I drank one bottle each morning when I woke up, and by the second or third day, I was already feeling a difference in energy as well as mood. Often I would need coffee in the morning to help me wake up, but during the challenge, I didn’t need coffee at all, and actually felt more rested when I woke up each morning.”

Are you ready to get your health on track and take the ‘bucha challenge? Sign up here and request your free ‘bucha challenge.


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