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A Seattle Experience: Booze Education with OOLA Distillery

Calling all vodka, gin and whiskey enthusiasts! This A Seattle Experience edition is all about the OOLA Distillery!

As soon as OOLA Distillery reached out to introduce their distillery tour to us, we knew it would be the perfect way to share their spirits with an awesome group.  

So here’s how it went…

Last Saturday, a bunch of YPOSeattle Community Members and I joined an A-list of liquor enthusiasts at OOLA Distillery. 

A Seattle Experience_ Booze Education with OOLA Distillery - YPOSeattle, Jamie Shindler, Brenton Webster, Taylor Shimizu, Dee Newsom - YP Media
"A-list-er enthusiasts" who joined me on the tour
A Seattle Experience_ Booze Education with OOLA Distillery - Kirby Lewis - YP Media
Kirby... talking about the bottle labeling process

OOLA’s Head Distiller, Kirby Lewis, taught us the entire distilling process from back to front.  From the growing of the yeast (or ‘yeast orgy’ as Kirby put it), heating/cooling process, fermentation, specific ingredients used - OOLA only uses ‘Salmon-Safe' organic winter wheat, barley, rye, and corn - to the final product. This liquor gets a lot of love. 

After each one of us felt a little bit smarter, we were ready to quench our thirst with all OOLA had to offer and that was – Vodka, Citrus Vodka, Rosemary Vodka, Chili Pepper Vodka, Gin, Waitsburg Bourbon Whiskey and Smoked Whiskey. 

These small pours were packed with flavor, sass and a little creativity (smoked Whiskey was one of the group’s favorites).

A Seattle Experience_ Booze Education with OOLA Distillery - YP Media
Options. We like options.

So there you have it, we tried 9 liquors and we lived to tell the tale. For anyone out there doubting just how good these liquors are, go ahead schedule a tour and get ready to enjoy!


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