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A Seattle Experience: Aerial Yoga with Flight Room

This month’s A Seattle Experience had an ‘aerial view’! Thanks to the people over at Flight Room – Aerial Yoga, a few friends and I got to experience just what it is like to fly through the air with the greatest of ease. 

Ok – maybe it wasn't all that high in the air, or too intense, but it was a true experience.

Our hour of yoga started like any other.  We joined the other attendees finding a spot and getting situated in a dimly lit room accentuated with calm music.  We picked our ‘hammocks’ (they are actually stretchy fabrics draped from the ceiling used during your aerial yoga session) and were ready to go.

A quick tutorial by the teacher (as this was a beginner’s class) and we were all in the hammocks finding our Zen. 

Quick note: I am not what you would call a ‘yogi’.  I have done my fair share of yoga (hot yoga, core yoga, relaxing yoga, etc.) and though I don’t do it on a regular basis, I find it to be pretty calming and helpful. 

During our aerial yoga session, I learned A LOT! In conjunction with the hammock and my newly acquired aerial moves, I was able to stretch my muscles without putting a strain on my wrists or forearms.  The end of our session ended with savasana, a common yoga practice of relaxing, breathing and being fully calm and present.

Throughout the session, we had been encouraged to make this our own, stopping when we needed to, increasing difficulty when possible and taking the time to relax….and that is exactly what we did. 



Thank you to everyone over at Flight Room for a truly unique experience! For anyone who wants to see what it’s all, about use discount code “YPOS15” and get 15% off 5, 10, 20 classes when booking your class with Flight Room online.  


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