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Young Professionals of San Francisco


The YPOSF Community

Join the YPOSF Discussion Page where you can check out your local member directory and engage with other community members, join steering committees and vote on Young Professional of San Francisco programming (including which non-profits and charities the local chapter will collectively support).


You'll also be first to hear about news, events and job opportunities in the San Francisco area. 

The Leadership Team

Young Professionals of San Francisco is administered by a set of board and committee members selected from an ambitious pool of young professionals from around the San Francisco area.

Read more about, and connect with, the current leadership team: 

Tej Yale


Interested in joining the YPC leadership team in San Francisco?
Apply to become a Community Lead!

We're growing, and looking​ for ambitious leaders in the SF area who want to help accelerate the growth of the young professional community in their city. 


If that's you, click the button below to find out more:

Learn more about YPC and (if you haven't already)...
Join The Young Professional Community

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