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Panel Discussions & Interviews 

An interactive discussion series, designed to provide an array of perspective from industry experts on relevant topics
related to professional growth. These events have a heavy emphasis on mentorship.

Career Fairs & Hiring Events: 

An event series blending networking with job-seeking opportunities. These events offer attendees the chance to connect with potential employers, explore career options, and expand their professional circles.

Workshops & Certifications  

A series of workshops or, courses hosted by  by career coaches, mentors, investors and experienced business leaders throughout our communities.  

ProDev is...

short for professional development. Our ProDev programming prioritizes mentorship, career development and job search resources, and other ways our members can upskill their qualifications through in person and digital experiences.

ProDev is designed to provide direct ACCESS to OPPORTUNITY by meeting people where they are; integrating community members and those who hold the keys to opportunity with interactive, engaging event experiences centered around career development, mentorship and networking.


Access your local ProDev portal to connect with others, see upcoming events, announcements and to vote on future programming. 

Find your City:

Note: We build programming around local demand and capacity... so there's a good chance you may not yet see the programming you're looking for in a city near you. Make sure you take our annual survey to tell us where you are and what you're looking for so we can continue building.

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