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Community Conversations: 

A discussion series occurring each history/heritage month where local chapters will host a diverse panel of entrepreneurs, business owners, and community leaders as they share insights and perspectives on topics vital to our collective community.

Volunteer Activities: 

YPC Chapters regularly team up with local nonprofit organizations to host volunteer activities, addressing community-chosen impact issues such as environmental cleanups, habitat restoration to food packaging and delivery, etc.

Donation Drives & Fundraisers: 

Our organization seamlessly integrates fundraisers and donation drives into various social and professional development events, all dedicated to supporting community impact issues chosen by our members, fostering a culture of giving back and making a difference.


designed to help community members connect with the nonprofits and charitable initiatives in their community, tackling the issues that affect them most. We organize our network to volunteer and fundraise for nonprofit partners to help them advance their respective missions.

Impact programming aligns itself with a quarterly focus issue - voted on by community members through an annual community survey - and a relevant nonprofit.


We host, at minimum one volunteer event per quarter while integrating impact efforts into all other events. Each month within the respective quarter will include a specific format of engagement that we promote for the selected nonprofit.  


  • Month 1 is about driving awareness or educating community members about the nonprofit and focus issue. 

  • Month 2 is about getting community members to a curated volunteer experience. 

  • Month 3 is about focusing on fundraising or donation drives for the focus issue. 


Access your local Community Impact portal to connect with others, see upcoming events, announcements and to vote on future programming. 

Find your City:

Note: We build programming around local demand and capacity... so there's a good chance you may not yet see the programming you're looking for in a city near you. Make sure you take our annual survey to tell us where you are and what you're looking for so we can continue building.

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