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Group Hikes: 

Hosted in warmer months for those who want an intro to the beauty surrounding your community or to connect with like-minded individuals over a healthy outdoor experience.


A workout class hosted (depending on time of year) either indoors at a YPC Partner gym our outdoors at a community park. Classes include cross-training, yoga, spin, boxing, pilates and more. 

Ski/Snowboard (where applicable): 

Whether you're new to snow sports or an experienced snowboarder, our ski and snowboard events can be a great intro to a new hobby, to a new ski and snowboarding crew.

Our newest programming and an evolution of 'Networkout': a pre-covid era, bi-monthly event series that combined fitness classes with networking. 


The popularity of this event, combined with thousands of survey responses, told us we needed to do more.  We took feedback from our Community Impact Survey and, at the beginning of 2024, expanded the event series into its own programming category.


Health & Wellness event series aims to foster well-being by providing tailored, inclusive indoor and outdoor activities, reducing health disparities and promoting healthy living.


Note: We aim to remove as many financial and systemic barriers to participation as possible. Please take the time to fill out our Health & Wellness Community Survey to ensure we're living up to our mission.


Access your local Health & Wellness portal to connect with others, see upcoming events, announcements and to vote on future programming. 

Find your City:

Note: We build programming around local demand and capacity... so there's a good chance you may not yet see the programming you're looking for in a city near you. Make sure you take our annual survey to tell us where you are and what you're looking for so we can continue building.

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