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Support your Community

We remove as many barriers to entry for our community members as possible, which means we rely heavily upon corporate partnerships to fund programming costs and monthly expenses.

Nothing would be possible without the support and involvement of great companies who see the importance of connecting ALL professionals to their communities.

About Corporate Membership

This isn't a traditional "membership" platform. Your fee is a donation that supports our programming and operational costs.*  

We highlight your support through our media channels: announcing our partnership via social, showcasing relevant news at your organization through our blog, promoting job openings in our newsletter and jobs board and by offering curated, hands-on community integration opportunities throughout the year.

*We also contribute a portion of any donations received to The Pathways Project Fund (read more here).

Why did we launch Corporate Membership?

Our mission states that we bridge: "...people to communities and resources by curating tailored, inclusive experiences and tools that connect, educate, and empower". Accordingly, we need to remain accountable to the experience and existence of community members as a priority. We realized that we wouldn't be a truly inclusive organization if we allowed financial barriers to keep our community members from the networks, the programming or the resources we seek to provide. 


Corporate Membership not only enables us to offset the costs that would otherwise be incurred by the individuals, but it also allows us to maintain and enhance our programming through sustained engagement, while educating community members on the resources and opportunities provided by our corporate support system. 

The Pathways Project Fund

We launched The Pathways Project Fund as a means to expand our impact beyond our natural programming. 

This fund enables us to provide scholarships, for the community members most in-need - to accredited career focused certifications and educational programs, and access to qualified social, educational and career development events. Further, the fund empowers us to support the event programming of other small, mission aligned community impact organizations.

You'll be able to see highlights of your impact through the Community Impact newsletter that we're launching for our Corporate Members in Q4 of 2023.  

Join Us

We're thrilled with the opportunity to engage your company or organization and connect you with thousands of the most ambitious current and developing young professionals around.


You made it this far, which tells us you care about the communities you operate in. That makes us happy...

Why Corporate Membership
The Pathways Project Fund
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