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Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Updated: May 7

How to Celebrate and Support Hispanic Heritage Month in Seattle

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in Seattle - Young Professionals of Seattle


Hispanic Heritage Month in Seattle is a vibrant and culturally rich celebration that takes place annually from September 15 to October 15. During this month-long observance, the city of Seattle comes alive with a wide range of events, activities, and initiatives designed to honor and showcase the diverse Hispanic and Latinx communities that call the region home. Here are some key aspects of Hispanic Heritage Month in Seattle:


Cultural Festivals and Social Events

Seattle hosts various cultural festivals and social events celebrating Hispanic and Latinx cultures. These events often feature traditional music, dance performances, art exhibitions, and culinary delights from different countries in Latin America and Spain.

Festival Latinx at the Tacoma Armory - Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in Seattle - Young Professionals of Seattle
Festival Latinx at the Tacoma Armory

Events to check out:

The Arts

Seattle's vibrant arts scene often includes special exhibitions, concerts, and performances highlighting Hispanic and Latinx artists and creators. This provides a platform for local talent to showcase their work and share their cultural heritage.

Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery - Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in Seattle - Young Professionals of Seattle
Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery

Local art installations, performances and film festivals:

Eat, Drink and Shop

During Hispanic Heritage Month in Seattle, support Hispanic-owned establishments by savoring Latinx cuisine at local restaurants, exploring unique neighborhood shops, enjoying rich coffee at Latinx-owned cafes, and visiting Hispanic-owned salons and boxing gyms for an engaging experience.

Asadero Ballard - Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in Seattle - Young Professionals of Seattle
From the Asadero Ballard Facebook page

Some of our Favorites:

See a comprehensive list of Hispanic owned establishments on the Intentionalist website



YPMedia quotation mark

Hispanic Heritage Month, though not without its nuances, is a dedicated period of recognition and celebration in the United States. The term "Hispanic" carries some debate, as it typically denotes individuals who speak Spanish or hail from a Spanish-speaking country. While "Hispanic" and "Latino" are sometimes used interchangeably, they bear distinct meanings: "Hispanic" refers to those with Spanish-speaking backgrounds, while "Latino" pertains to those with ties to Latin American countries. Both terms encompass ethnic, cultural, and identity-based affiliations, focusing on shared cultural bonds rather than race or physical characteristics. However, they are broad categories that can encompass a wide array of experiences.

As a result, those who embrace the term "Hispanic" can represent a mosaic of racial and geographic backgrounds, tracing their heritage to a multitude of nations. For example, someone hailing from the Dominican Republic and another from Mexico might both identify as Hispanic due to their shared linguistic and historical connections to Spanish colonialism.

In addition, the term "Latinx" has gained traction in the United States as an alternative to the debated "Hispanic" label, as it is celebrated for its inclusive approach to gender representation.


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