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A Special Note on Breaking the Systems of Racism

America gets to, once again, bear witness to one of its original truths: life, Black life particularly, is only as valuable as those in positions of power allow for.

We all saw the torture and murder of George Floyd, yet we’re not equally afforded the comfort in believing that justice will be served. Upsetting. But far more concerning is how we’re conditioned to settle for a disconnected definition of justice. Police brutality is a gruesome, but solitary symptom of a 400+ year old American disease. It would be irresponsible to demand justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and so many more without calling out the systems of racism that will, if not addressed, continually enable the justification for brutality. YPGroup unequivocally stands against racism, and has always made efforts to do what we could to ensure all felt welcomed. This is not nearly enough.  Justice and the end of systemic racism calls for ongoing, proactive and relentless work to ensure we don’t just hold bad actors accountable, but also hold ourselves accountable for the allowing of conditions to exist that empower bad actors.  To start, all YPGroup Community newsletters this week will, instead of any promotional material, enclose resources telling Black stories and addressing racism. All YPGroup Communities are currently working to build a digital platform and live programming that will (1) help hold those with power accountable, (2) allow space for allies to learn, and most importantly (3) amplify the voices of those of us who live with racism every day. More to come.  Lastly, I'd like to call on you to reach out to us and engage. We’re built on community engagement and rely on your participation. These systems won't change without your help so please, stay tuned in and share your thoughts and ideas on how we win together at


Ahmad Corner


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