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Shaunie Wheeler James

Mother | Wife | Lobbyist

My Story:

I had an interview with a candidate running for public office. We scheduled to meet at a local Starbucks.

I arrived about 15 minutes before they did to get a table. Seated inside were a table of older white men having, what looks to be, a book club; a young white student in a university sweatshirt, pajama pants and unicorn headphones.; and lastly, a white woman with a tennis outfit on.

I ordered my vanilla latte, sat down facing the door, fixed my skirt, pulled out my laptop and note pad… and patiently waited.

I see the candidate enter the coffee shop. They ordered their coffee and proceeded to walk towards the woman with the tennis outfit on. She shakes her head no.

Candidate then makes their way over to the young lady with the magical headphones. She too shakes her head no.

I finally realize what is occurring.

The candidate walks outside the door, my phone begins to ring. “Hi, Shaunie…wanted you to know I am here and will grab a seat.”

I replied,” I have been sitting here the entire time… watching you walk past me.”

-Shaunie Wheeler James


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