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Shana Emile


My Story:

Well, like most people, I've got a couple stories... I’d just moved to the area and was at a 4th of July party, having a good conversation with a guy, until he asked me what my name was, again, and after I told him he said the above “oh, yeah I get you and the other Black girl confused”

I was in a college class and everyone said I had to try out for a part that is played by a Black woman in a movie. Feeling the pressure, I did it.

Another non-black girl auditioned for the part, and used all the stereotypical isms you can imagine. Everyone bust out laughing, saying she “out-blacked me.” For the rest of the year everyone would remind me about how this girl “out-blacked me”, as if to be black means to act a certain way.

I was at a bar, where they announced that karaoke would be starting soon and a man comes up to me and says “oh I know you can sing! Miss Erykah Badu!”

-Shana Emile


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