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Robin Sneed

Retired Aerospace | Phd Ecopsychology

My Story:

My name is Robin Sneed. My last name is a slave name; my ancestors on my black father's side having inherited the name from Sebron Sneed, a judge and slave owner, who kept slaves at Comal Bluffs Plantation in Austin, Texas.

My own father was in the military-he died before my twin and I were born, and we were adopted by different families. Her, with dark skin to a dark skinned family, and me to a white family.

Over the years, when I have tried to share my story, there is from some, a common refrain. "You can't be!" Or, "No, You're not!" Recently, I heard that from someone I was beginning to think of as a friend, as I was sharing my story with her. She even called it, "BS," telling me what I should, "pass for."

The negation of these kinds of comments has hurt me and angered me over the years, so, thank you, for letting me share my story here.

- Robin Sneed


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