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Member Spotlight: Alexander Rushin



TITLE: Engineering Manager




Alexander Rushin is newish to Seattle but enjoying his time there. Alex is a born and bred city kid, who lived on the east coast his whole life until venturing out to the PNW 3 years ago for work.

Alex loves singing, cooking, riding his motorcycle, making new friends, and enjoying a libation or two every once in awhile ;)

Q&A with Alex:

What’s the best piece of professional advice you have been given? "It's not that serious." - Said by one of the best managers I have ever worked for at my first civilian job after the military. A whole bunch of things were going wrong and I was letting the stress get to me and cloud my judgement, and he sat me down in our 1:1 and said "It's not that serious. You know what you're doing, and we're going to get through this. Don't let a bad day ruin your whole week." I never forgot that, and it helps me keep my cool in high pressure situations.

What's your dream job? I'm pretty fortunate in that I already have my practical dream job...but if I could have any career in the world I'd definitely be a singer-songwriter touring the world and performing for millions [of people ;)]

What's your most used emoji?

Definitely the purple smiling devil emoji. Purple is my favorite color, and that emoji perfectly captures my general mood and the way I interact with people.

Describe the background image on your phone? It's a shot from the most recent Broly movie where's he's rising out of the ground in LSSJ form with glowing red eyes and screw you I'm a nerd, so what

What's one (or two) things people would say Alexander does really well? I'm a great listener and I usually know how to look on the bright side of things and help people cheer up.

And finally... what does Alexander need help with most?

I am terrible at time management in my personal life. I'm responsible for a lot at work so when I get home I often "drop my pack" and don't get nearly enough done. I need a workout or study buddy to help hold me accountable.


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