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Kenneth Perry

Technology Enthusiast | Story Teller

My Story:

I've been spit on, called a nigger 100 times, told to go back to Africa, racially profiled and arrested with a knee in my back only because of the color of my skin. I don't feel that my life matters to some white people. Yet, I continue to practice love and empowerment of people while creating a mindset of action and growth.

People don’t understand what it means to be African American in America.

My great, great, great grandfathers were born slaves. My existence is the slave culture. I can't imagine living in those days. Yet, I still experience racism and not having equal opportunities. Sometimes people look at me scared that I'm going to rob them. When I speak to people and greet them with a smile, they ignore me like I don't exist because I intimidate them. Yet, I continue to practice the love and empowerment of people.

God has blessed me with the opportunity to articulate how I feel, with education and the chance to overcome any obstacle that comes my way. I will continue to fight and build bridges to advance the causes of my people. I love all people and would hope that you feel the same.

-Kenneth Perry


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