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Pathways Project

A fund designed to help break barriers by connecting our Community Members, who are most often overlooked and most in need, to essential life and career resources...

We launched The Pathways Project Fund as a means to expand our impact beyond YPCommunities natural programming. 

This fund enables us to provide scholarships, for the community members most in-need, to accredited career focused certifications and educational programs, and access to qualified social, educational and career development events.


Further, the fund empowers us to support the event programming of other small, mission aligned community impact organizations.

The Pathways Project 3 part Agenda: 


to your destination


We secure funding for The Pathways Project through direct donations and corporate sponsorships of our exclusive event programs. These events, specifically curated by The Pathways Project, are strategically designed to seamlessly integrate job opportunities into activities that resonate with overlooked community members.


This unique approach not only widens the reach of corporate supporters into underrepresented communities but also enables socially conscious companies to actively support and engage with the communities in which they operate.

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